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Greetings and Namaste! My name is Madhavi, and firstly I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my gurus who have taught and inspired me throughout my life's journey. As a certified Hatha Yoga teacher, I have been practicing and teaching yoga for over a decade. My classes are available both online and in-person to cater to a wider audience.

My life took a drastic turn when I was struck with a severe illness, forcing me to change my lifestyle. Through a combination of a healthy diet and consistent yoga practice, I was able to regain my health within three months. This experience inspired me to share the benefits of yoga and a healthy diet with my family, friends, and students.

I believe in the power of yoga and healthy eating, and my mission is to encourage people to incorporate these practices into their daily lives consistently. With YogaBite, AKA Food and Yoga with Madhavi, I aim to inspire and empower individuals to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

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Channel Start Date: October 15, 2022

YogaBite's Timeline

Oct. 15 2022
Channel Inception: Food and Yoga With Madhavi

YogaBite as the "Food and Yoga With Madhavi" Youtube Channel.

May 24 2023
First YouTube Short Posted

YogaBite posted its first YouTube short video, spreading YogaBite's reach even further.

June 29 2023
Rebranding: Introducing YogaBite

The channel underwent a transformation and was renamed "YogaBite" for ease-of-access and to encompass a broader food and yoga community.

July 29 2023
YogaBite Website Launch

YogaBite proudly introduces its website, providing a platform for yoga newbies and enthusiasts to explore and engage.


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Tamoghna Kommaraju

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Madhavi Nunna - Content Creator and Yoga Instructor
Madhavi Nunna

Content Creator and Yoga Instructor

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